Evntweekly #1 🥇The start of the...

It's time. #1 of evntweekly is here!

Dear evntw readers,

This is issue #1 and I am so happy to be sharing my time with you. The road from here is one email each week until we reach issue #52 where the newsletter will be reviewed.

The aim is to explore the events industry and keep you up to date with new resources, trends and independent ways people within our community think.

Evntw is a newsletter for out of the box thinkers, those looking to constantly challenge the status quo of what has been done and interested in creating things, systems, processes in new and exciting ways. The rise of #eventtech will help us improve customer experience and deliver the best events to audiences around the world. 

The newsletter will be broken into four sections exploring #eventtrends, #eventtech and #eventresources.

Industry Articles - Articles from around the web. 

New or noteworthy Resources - A list of new or noteworthy resources added to evntlist.co

Lach’s Links - Interesting links and food for thought. 

Jobs - Recently posted from around the web.

  • None this week :(

If you enjoy this evntweekly please share far and wide so we can enjoy this journey together.

The start of the best evnt newsletter…