Evnt Weekly #7 💰 Hopin raises $40m in new funding round.

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This dynamic world in which we live is demanding new ideas, new ways of doing things, new leaders, new marketing methods, new web applications, and new approaches to every aspect of business and life. But what’s best?

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📰 Industry Articles from around the web. 

💭 With my glass half full, I do believe online event platforms have and will continue to have a positive impact on the events industry. The ability to now showcase events where geography might have been a limiting factor means good ideas get heard by more people.

Hybrid events will become the norm. These new web apps are enabling companies and event professionals to take the best elements of in-person events and bring them online without losing the experiential and interactive aspects that make events so memorable.

The challenge will be to streamline the event technology processes to find the best hybrid model. I guess only time will tell...

🔖 A very interesting insight into why Hopin was started.

“The lack of online events, I realized, wasn’t about a lack of content or a lack of appetite. The reason they barely existed was that there wasn’t a good platform people could use to build them. Put another way, we had the virtual content and the virtual crowds, but didn’t have a virtual venue. And you can’t have a convention if you don’t have a convention center.” - Johnny Boufarhat, Founder and CEO, Hopin.

👉 Here's how to prepare for unavoidable queuing at events.

🎟️ Live sports post Covid…

After 9/11, the world changed, and we have different behaviour patterns now. You check for weapons when you walk into any venue. Now you’ll be checking for a different kind of weapon, a virus. Our arena was already instrumented with sensors—now there’ll be temperature sensors, as well.

👉 Brisbane to host the 2032 Olympic Games…

“This event is a must for anyone invested or considering investing in the greater Brisbane region.”

🛠️ New or noteworthy Resources added to evntlist.co

  • Accredit Solutions - The most intelligent and trusted accreditation system in the world.

  • Sportsgrad Podcast - Giving you the professional guidance and expert tools you need to make your dream job a reality.

  • Inside Events - A Podcast for the Event Industry by the Event Industry.

  • Swapcard - Engage & Connect people at Live and Virtual Events.

  • Run the World - We power online events that create meaningful relationships.

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👉 #funnies

🚥 Exciting to hear Parrtjima will be going ahead in 2020. What a great opportunity to explore the Australian Outback.

😄 “So get a lawn chair or spread out a blanket, grab something cold to drink, and get ready to enjoy your own personal music festival via the Spotify playlist below.”

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