Evnt Weekly #5 🏟️ Fans are in the stands & industries are uniting.

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This dynamic world in which we live is demanding new ideas, new ways of doing things, new leaders, new marketing methods, new web applications, and new approaches to every aspect of business and life. But what’s best?

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I started evntweekly to share unfiltered thoughts. I’d love your feedback, questions, and comments!

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📰 Industry Articles from around the web. 

👌 Australian Mass Participation Sporting Events Alliance (AMPSEA) has been formed with the purpose of finding a way to return to the delivery of mass participation sporting events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

🕺The Live Entertainment Industry Forum (LEIF) has been formed by Australia’s biggest Promoters of Entertainment and Sport, Venue Managers, and Key Peak Bodies.

🏉 NZ sport is back. “Live events are the number 1 lifestyle purchase fans will spend their money on when they can” - Ticketmaster.

👍 Sports and entertainment venues could also be allowed to reopen sooner than anticipated.

🎮 E-sports go off-road.

🛠️ New or noteworthy Resources added to evntlist.co

  • Crowdcore - CrowdCore is an all-in-one event marketing platform built for event organizers, venues and promoters.

  • Simple Analytics - Simple, clean, and friendly analytics.

  • Sansar - A new live events destination.

  • Floteq Technologies - The smart and easy way to manage your data.

  • Event Plants - Event Landscaping, Custom Builds, and Plant Hire of the Highest Quality.

🌎 Lach’s Links - Interesting links and food for thought. 

👉 I am very intrigued by this VR festival. The website looks 🔥 and the lineup is stacked.

👉Virtual presentations are new for all of us. “I would say that ENERGY is the key”.

👉 “ My final messages on the show were to Learn, Grow, and Build. Get out there and start creating. You now have the platforms to build whatever you want.”

👉 #funnies

👉 Be a rebel.

💯I have just come across Workona and recommend that you also install it.

🤝 Jobs - Recently posted from around the web.

🛎️ All jobs can now be viewed via a link here while our new job board is being built. You now have the ability to post jobs free from the web. 💯

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