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This dynamic world in which we live is demanding new ideas, new ways of doing things, new leaders, new marketing methods, new web applications, and new approaches to every aspect of business and life. But what’s best?

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📰 Industry Articles from around the web. 

🛋️ Live streaming is here to stay. How will you be adopting a hybrid model?

🎉 The fans are ready to return.

💯 When it does return it will be bigger than before according to Goldman Sachs.

👏 Great to see Australian Stadiums receiving awards for #sustainability.

🏈 This week we had the return of the NRL which was great to see. You would have also seen that you could have become a #faninthestand by purchasing a cardboard cutout of yourself. This fan engagement was initially started by a German soccer league Borussia Mönchengladbach to “avoid games in empty stadiums”.

🛠️ New or noteworthy Resources added to evntlist.co

  • Wayver - provides a suite of RFID enabled solutions to help your event be one to remember.

  • Entergy - Entegy Labs develop custom software options for events looking for bespoke solutions.

  • Happily - Find, interview, and hire virtual experience specialists in minutes.

  • AirLST - Simplify your event processes with AirLST, the all-in-one software for participant management, event landing pages, and ticketing.

  • Sava Events - All-in-one event management solution, chatbot first.

  • Ivvy - The Future of Meetings & Events.

🌎 Lach’s Links - Interesting links and food for thought. 

👉 Online events and conferences are really starting to make their mark in the industry. There are currently a few notable startups that are enabling these events and are being chased by investors. I would recommend having a look at:

  • Hopin ($6.3M💰) - Hopin is the first all-in-one live online events platform.

  • Airmeet ($3M💰) - Remote Events. Real Connections.

  • Run the World ($4.3M💰) - Online events that create meaningful relationships.

  • HeySummit - Online summits, made simple.

  • vFairs - Move your events online & Engage audiences remotely.

👉 Incorporating sponsorship to your live stream? A very interesting concept that is worth having a read.

👉 This is probably my favorite article of the week. The NRL stepped up their fan engagement game with the #faninthestnad initiative however, this is on another level. Spencer Dinwiddie a Brooklyn Nets Basketball player has just tokenised his contract and given fans the opportunity to have a say in his NBA future. For those that have no clue how this is possible I have broken it down for you here.

🤔 We all know the horrors of the 🔥 Fyre Fest, however, have you seen their pitch deck? It’s really nothing special.

🤝 Jobs - Recently posted from around the web.

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